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These amps are all hand wired and used high quality components like the RCA sourced 6L6 power tubes and Jensen brand speakers. Sears contracted with Danelectro of to bring the series of amplifiers to the public through their catalog. The was initially introduced as a bass amplifier so they made a lot fewer of them than the rest of the series. The differs from the more common Twin Twelve in more ways than just the speaker configuration. It features a tube rectified circuit Silvertone branded RCA 5Y3 rectifier like a Fender which has that natural tube sag ands softer attack. These amps are known for their great tube drive all the way to higher gain crunch and for helping to shape the sound of the s. All five tubes are the original Silvertone branded tubes that came in the amp. The piggy back style Silvertone amps were designed to be able to nest the head safely in the back of the cabinet for safety during transportation. They also came with the head and cabinet hardwired together and this one is still in that configuration.

1961 Gibson EB3 bass Guitar

Mar Sat 10, 7: Jan Sat 28, 8: It has some minor issues??? The ranges from v look pretty good??? I have not tested the. As suggested in a post on the forum I have left it powered on for hours as I stepped up the voltage starting at 40v.

Dec 28,  · Yep, using the potentiometer date codes helps too as does the filter cap date codes once you get into Another ‘general’ indicator is the use of 1/2 watt AB/CTS (sometimes labeled RS too) style pots which means your heading toward and later.

Florida, USA If the pots are original they are usually the best single reference for dating a Plexi era amp as Marshall didn’t seem to buy in as large bulk quantities as the other components. You might see caps dated 65 in an amp from 67 but generally the amp would likely been made within a few months of the oldest pot date code. I will say however You really need to consider everything to get the best estimate. Serial numbers are all over the place during this period and can be very misleading.

I have and edited and they were likely built months apart. I’ve seen amps that were within 10 serial numbers that were definitely were built more than a year apart. The date codes on the pots are facing down. A dental mirror and a camera works great for getting it. The image will be backwards which really makes it hard to get it right. I find it’s easier to take a pic then look at it in the mirror to read it.

Gibson EB1 Bass

It was the Phase What was your first MXR effect? I still love the Phase 90, my Dyna-Comp is also incredible. I love the Dyna Comp. MXR Flanger, that pedal is a little beast. Aidy James Stevens 1.

Dating celestion vintage 30 Information about dating this is an obsessive and. Pot in handy when trying to have any. Rosenthal tac 02 tea pot to the next, the pots are a specific date.

Reading pot codes How to read pot codes, and what they mean An early s pot from a Gibson guitar. Once decoded, the writing on the back or sides can be very informative If you’ve been reading articles about dating a vintage guitar, you may well have come across mention of pot codes. The pots, or potentiometers to give their full name, are the variable resistors that control volume and tone.

Better quality pots are often stamped with a number of codes; typically part numbers, date of production, manufacturers codes and resistance values. Many pots don’t carry all of this information, but the better quality guitars produced in America regularly do. So where are these codes? Normally they are stamped or inked onto the back or sides of the pot.

So reading them will require opening control cavities, removing scratchplates, or in the case of a semi acoustic, removing the pots entirely. Codes can be worn, obscured by solder and other components, or simply very small. Finding them is not always easy; this is obviously not something for the faint-hearted, but once performed a few times, nowhere near as daunting as it might at first seem.

Dating a silvertone Amp?

E-H talking pedal I just earlier this evening found out that what I thought was a talking pedal was actually called a Golden Throat. What does a talking pedal do, and how does it work? Is it the same thing as a Golden Throat? They are completely different. The golden throat is a “talk box” like Frampton, Walsh, etc used.

Vintage Vox amplifier collection for sale. The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage Vox. Dating Vox amplifier.

Manufacturer and distributor of: Wurlitzer pianos and Wurlitzer Historic Collection pianos. Box , Dayton, OH Full-service supplier of bags and hardshell cases. The firm also handles Hohner, Gabbanelli, Melodija, and Zupan button boxes and many other brands of accordions. Randy Wright, general manager. Manufacturer of the world-famous Accutronics spring reverb, used in quality amps throughout the world.

Also, maker of Morley wah pedals and footswitches. Richmond, VA Tel: The company offers a complete line of sound-control and noise-reduction products for use in all type of applications, including: Builders of high quality bass heads, cabinets, combos, and accessories. The AIM full-color catalog lists over 10, music gift accessories, with new products being introduced every month. AIM provides same-day shipping and has no minimum order requirement.

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Free live online chat with sexy girl Dating fender telecaster serial Regarding quailty, I have owned many of both these Japanese guitars and it is a fallacy that the than the Mexican made guitars and rival many of the USA models. I’ve only recently gotten into Teles – better late than never I suppose. Of course, a lot of the serial number and modern-era spec changes for both the Strat and Tele happen at the same time.

Great photography and excellent info on dating vintage up to about !

Vintage-style string-through-body Stratocaster hard-tail bridge; Highlights Specs Support Highlights. Wide Range Humbucking Pickups. The Modern Wide Range humbucking pickups on this guitar expertly evoke the look of the famous Fender pickup design of the early s, as used on original-era Telecaster Thinline, Telecaster Custom and Telecaster.

October 16, With: As a result it can be very difficult to date some vintage Gibsons. Dating vintage Gibsons is sometimes an art rather than a science. I have met these guys and they are top notch. They always have great guitars coming and going and it is a joy to see. That being said, this one may deserve a second opinion: Straight sides, script logo Why is this not an ES ?? We know that this is at least something odd right off the bat because of the combination of the headstock and the P s.

The headstock pictured has straight sides and a pearl script logo as opposed to block logo- see picture below. This headstock was discontinued in and was never used again in the Kalamazoo factory. As per the write up on their website, it also have a V shaped neck.

Nick Dorazio . Speaker Repair

All “gold” restored radio sets are covered by a written lifetime guarantee! All “silver” overhauled radio sets and television sets are covered by a written 1-year guarantee. Any chargeable repair work carried out after the guarantee has elapsed is then protected by its own 3-month guarantee, but covering the repair only. Since the ‘gold’ is already covered by a lifetime guarantee, this applies to ‘silver’ sets only.

In all cases, the guarantee only runs from the time that payment for the work has been received.

This is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted instrument created by Ben “Gitty” Baker, founder of C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply. Ben came up with idea of the Hobo Fiddle after delving deeply into the history and lore of America’s hoboes.

An amazingly rare factory left-handed Gibson Melody Maker Double, in gorgeous condition. The guitar appears to be a ’62 build, completed in early , as evidenced by the dating of the potentiometers. A completely original vintage lefty Gibson, with no modifications other than an upgrade set of Tone Pros locking bridge-mount studs. The originals are in the case pocket studs screw into the original threaded inserts without any modification to the guitar.

Original finish is attractively crazed and shows light buckle-wear and a small assortment of dings here and there. Frets are largely unworn and dressed nicely, level, and play cleanly up the neck. Original nut is well adjusted, tuners work well, and the guitar plays very well.

Toby’s 1965 Gibson Atlas IV

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